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Our Mission
To provide and maintain the best and most valuable service possible while upholding the qualities
of personal assistance and professionalism.

To provide assistance to our clients with their excellent employees while solving the difficult
employment issues facing today's employers.

For your business, Odyssey:
Provides experience in HR, benefits, payroll and risk management
Assumes certain employment related liabilities
Delivers professional assistance with compliance (payroll, OSHA, EEOC)
Provides access to professional HR guidance and materials
Manages claims
May supply clear, easy-to-read and professionally written employee handbooks
Improves cost control
Delivers access to better benefits
May reduce turnover
Provides quality benefits to attract and retain the best employees
Provides you more time to focus on your bottom line
Gives you the opportunity to grow your business faster
For your employees, Odyssey:
Provides access to comprehensive benefits often previously unavailable - 401(k), Section 125 plan, comprehensive insurance benefits, and supplemental plans
Delivers on-time and accurate payroll
Provides professional assistance with employment -related issues
Supplies easy-to-read employee handbooks
Enables more employees to receive statutory protection
Improves communication among and between employees
Offers up-to-date information on labor regulations, workers' rights and worksite safety
Processes claims efficiently and responsively
Provides improved access to payroll information, benefits, personnel data, vacation and sick time accrual, and specialized reports

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